Holiday Celebrations and Christmas Lights Display in Santa Clarita Valley

My family and I had one of the most awesome experience Monday night, December 13, 2010 Javans Chistmas Lights display tour courtesy of the Goodspeeds.  We were picked up by the KHTS firetruck driven by none other than KHTS (Hometown Station) owner, Carl Goldman.  There were sixteen of us, two sat in front with Carl and 14 at the back — every major stop, they switch seats so that more people get to try sitting in front and ringing the firetruck’s bell.  The 1948 firetruck was decked out with holiday wreaths (some made of pine branches and some made with gold bells that jingle every so often), and red ribbons and tube lights and lighted snowflakes.  Carl took us to see three neighborhoods and one home in the Santa Clarita Valley — Angelica Place in Valencia, Ash Court and Wakefield Court both in Saugus and The Maddux residence in Newhall.  It was such a fun experience.

The trip from the Goodspeeds’ beautiful Canyon Country home to the first neighborhood Christmas Light Ball, ©Joel Javanand in between was so cold because the firetruck was open.  Those of us who sat in the back, which was actually where the water tank used to be when it was still being used to fight fire, were all wrapped in blankets to keep us sort of warm.  Even with the cold temperature, the trip in between neighborhoods was so much fun.  People were looking at us like we were celebrities, a lot of them even took pictures and videos.  We were waving at people along the way, most of them would wave back and yell Holiday greetings. We passed by Ms. Jean Morrison’s Tae Kwon Do Studio, Bright Star ATA Martial Arts and saw some of our peeps kicking and punching, we were hoping they would notice the firetruck so we can wave at them, but they were so busy making sure their stances were correct they didn’t.

Our last stop was the Maddux residence at 19121 Dalton Street, Newhall.  Jim Maddux and his sons started preparing this year’s light and music show December 31, 2009.  Hometown Station reports: “35,000 Christmas lights, 400 extension cords, 275 computer controlled zones, and four programmed Christmas songs later, the Maddux’s produced a Christmas light masterpiece that beats any Christmas display you’ve seen on your street.” The light show is on every night starting at 5:30 p.m. and continues every fifteen minute until the finale at 9:45 p.m.

I was so thrilled I decided I wanted to see this type of thing every year so I told Jim, just before we left and after thanking them for a wonderful show, that they should move to our street.  His whole family laughed.  They probably didn’t know I was half serious (I’m mailing them one of my business cards just in case).  Jim is planning on taking the lights down after New Year’s so make sure you visit their home before then.

Of course, anyone can drive to these neighborhoods,  and be amazed by the display of lights, but it’s not quite the same as not having to drive and being on board the KHTS 1948 firetruck.  I can not describe the feeling I had that night, I don’t even want to attempt to describe what we saw.  It’s one of those things that you just have to see and experience for yourself.

Thank you Scott, Karen, Kristi, Emily, Jessy and Sammy for winning this at Sulphur Springs School’s Annual Mustang Round-Up and for inviting us.

Enjoy the video below — a slideshow of some of our pictures from that night.


About Joel Javan

I have been a Southern California resident since 1991, a Real Estate Investor and a resident of the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley since 2000. I have a beautiful family, been married to Sally since 1998 have adorable twin daughters, Kalia & Keeli ( I believe in fun, so together we should have fun selling your home and/or buying your new one. I speak English and Tagalog fluently and I try very hard to speak French, German, Spanish & Italian but to no avail. I believe in building one's community and developing it to ensure our children's safety and future, which is why "I will give a free-will offering of $500 or more, after close of escrow, to my clients' choice of any school, church or organization involved in ministry to the people."
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2 Responses to Holiday Celebrations and Christmas Lights Display in Santa Clarita Valley

  1. Karen Goodspeed says:

    What a great video, Joel! We were so happy that your family could join us on the KHTS Firetruck Christmas Tour! It was a spectacular event that we will remember forever!
    Merry Christmas!

    Love, The Goodspeeds

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